Meet the team

Hayley Maddox – Director, Counsellor and Supervisor







My name is Hayley Maddox.  I am the director of Your Counselling Service.

After working in several different places I decided to set up my own counselling service. I am very passionate about the work that I do and focus on giving every individual the attention and time that they deserve. This happens from the moment you contact me.

Over the years my team has grown and the service has developed. We now offer a wide range of therapy and work with a large variety of issues. I am very proud of the work that we do and believe that the relationships we form are at the heart of it.

As well as running your counselling service I see clients myself and supervise other therapists.  I work hard to build open relationships, where there is a sense of trust.  My aim is for every individual to feel at ease when talking to me and to always know that they are heard and valued.

At your counselling service we provide a confidential, safe and non judgemental environment.  I personally work in a very creative, dynamic and challenging way – and I encourage this throughout the team. If nothing changes then nothing changes. Our goal is to facilitate growth and change.

I am Psychodynamically trained to masters level, but I also have Person- Centred training and experience. I work with individuals, couples and I am experienced in running group therapy. My supervision training was completed with CASCADE and was a creative course in individual and group supervision.

I have had a lot of experience in different therapeutic settings, including managing an eating disorder service, running an addiction clinic and working for a healthy living centre.  I have also worked as a counsellor in GP surgeries and for several different charities.  This includes voluntary counselling work that I have done overseas in South Africa and for charities such as MIND. I have also supervised in many different settings, ranging from private practice to a general counselling service.

I am a very focused individual – whoever I am with and whatever I am doing – always gets my full attention. I believe in the work that we do and I know the difference it makes. If you come to see me or any member of my team I promise you will in good hands. We are here to help.

Magna Erasmus – Counsellor 







Life offers us many wonderful and enjoyable moments. At times life might offer us a different kind of experience. Some experiences and moments might be tiring, stressful and depleting. We might go through times when life feels very challenging, we might feel that we are struggling to get through day to day living.  During these times we experience thoughts, feelings and body sensations that feel uncomfortable and we might feel that we are stuck and we are unsure how to deal with it all.

Perhaps you are facing great challenges or an accumulation of small challenges, or perhaps you have experienced a life changing event, suffer with depression, anxiety, feeling sad, struggling with food, or just feel challenged by life. Or perhaps you might feel your life lacks meaning or sense that there is something missing.

Counselling can help you give voice to your pain and heartbreak.  It offers a safe, confidential space where you can voice difficult thoughts and experiences, where you will be heard and supported.

How I can help you:

The sessions and work will be tailored around what you need not just in the moment, but also what you perhaps needed in the past and what we can put in place for your life to feel different going forward.  I am an integrative therapist, which means I draw from many models of therapy to assist you in the way that is going to be most helpful to you.

During the sessions I am there to listen and to help you make sense of the things that feel unclear.  I am not there to offer advice, but to help you find the answers within that will be helpful to you and the things you find difficult.  Together we will find ways for your life to feel better and for your well-being to improve.

I work holistically.  So we will not just look at what you think and feel but also what your body has been carrying as our bodies that house our feelings, thoughts and experiences.  In working holistically we can give voice to what your bodies have been struggling to let go of.

I am there to support you during our time together.  Having someone to talk to and to know that you have a safe space can make all the difference in us dealing with the difficult situations we might find ourselves in.

The work will be open ended.  You can see me for as long as you need.  Sometimes we can benefit from short term therapy and at other times we might need the support for longer.

If you feel that I am the person that can help you.  Please do call Your Counselling Service to make an appointment.


Leanne – Counsellor








My name is Leanne and I am an integrative counsellor.  In my work I use Person Centred counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy and a Psychodynamic approach.

I have experience working with clients of various ages and backgrounds.  I have worked with a variety of areas, such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems.  I have a lot of experience supporting clients through the rehabilitation process from drugs and alcohol abuse.

I acknowledge that each person is unique, and so it is important to establish a way of working that is suitable for each individual client.
My aim is to create an environment where a trusting relationship is established within a confidential space. I believe that the combination of a safe atmosphere, support, encouragement and compassion clients will feel comfortable enough to explore their thoughts, concerns and feelings.
I feel that counselling is a collaborative process, so I work hard with the client to address their thought patterns and behavior in order find a way of moving forward which feels right for them. 
Lauren Street – Counsellor







Are you finding your work/ life balance challenging?

Feeling emotionally worn out and exhausted?

Struggling with anxiety, depression or anger?

In need of help but have no clue where to start?

These are common questions I find clients ask themselves and I am here to work with you to find the answers. Anxiety, anger, depression & shame are words we’re hearing more frequently in our society, but have we also become intolerant to experiencing them? Seeking therapy is the first step in the journey and you should congratulate yourself on getting this far.

​As a psychotherapist I give my clients the opportunity to work through their issues in an emotionally healthy way, aiming for lasting emotional change. This can be via face-to-face meetings or alternatively via online platforms.

I am also an adolescent therapist within the YCS team and can work with children who are attending senior school and older (10 years+). Adolescence is a really important time of our lives where lots of change happens. Sometimes it can feel difficult to deal with, but therapy can help. Therapy for adolescents can also involve parents or caregivers as well as the young person, this will be arranged on an individual basis.

As well as being accredited by the National Counselling Society I am also a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and always adhere to their ethical guidelines. I also adhere to the BACP’s 2019 Young Persons Framework for my work with adolescents. I have an enhanced DBS certificate for working with children & adults which I can evidence, upon request.

Roxanne Bigwood – Counsellor


My Name is Roxanne Bigwood and I offer Person Centred Counselling in a safe and confidential space where you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. I am experienced in counselling adults and adolescents with many different issues including depression, anxiety, self harm, low self-esteem, addiction and abuse. I also work with clients experiencing gender issues, self-destructive behaviours and chronic illnesses and disabilities.
We all experience challenges and difficult experiences in our lives, which at times may leave us feeling scared, confused or alone. You may feel you are unable to talk to friends or family about your experiences and how you are feeling. Through our work together, I will help you to unravel and explore your thoughts and feelings and make sense of them. Once you are able to understand yourself and your experiences better, it becomes easier to make positive changes in your life.

Rochelle Newington – Counsellor 

You may have experienced difficult times, thoughts, or feelings throughout your life. Perhaps others have had expectations of you, and you have felt unworthy or not good enough.  You might have suppressed your true feelings to be accepted or to survive.  While this can work for a while, eventually things can become difficult to contain or cope with.

You know your own story better than I ever will.  I believe in your innate ability to find your best solutions.  I will support you to explore your feelings without interruption. You will be truly heard, enabling you to build greater trust in yourself. Our sessions will help to develop your self-awareness, build your self-esteem, increase motivation, and begin to build new foundations.

With a warm, caring, compassionate and receptive nature, I have experience working with corporate, professional, NHS & residential clients.  I have worked in settings such as Edgware Hospital, Barnet Young Peoples Service and Cruse Bereavement.  Through my gentle approach I have supported adolescents, as well as adults, and an older generation too. I have extensive experience working with trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, parenting (including SEND), addiction & dissociative disorders.

Working in a person-centred modality, I will support you exploring the distress in your life at your own pace.  I will be there when you are ready to take your next step. You have already taken your first one.

Please note that all of the therapists at your counselling service are members of the BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Our director Hayley is also an accredited member.

The BACP monitor all counsellors and ensure that they are all abiding by the code of ethics. As a member I take their code of ethics very seriously. This means for example that we respect client confidentially and all attend regular supervision , as well as personal therapy. We would not break your confidentiality unless we felt that you were at serious risk of hurting yourself or another person. If this was the case we would discuss this with you first. Please click here for more information and to visit their website.