Loss, grief and bereavement group

Our therapist Magna is currently running a grief, loss and bereavement group.

The bereavement group offers a space to help you cope with one of the most devastating losses you would ever have to face, the death of a loved one.  Learning to live without our loved one takes its own time and as each of us mourns the death of a loved one differently, we might need a little help and support getting through this difficult time.  While we can attempt to cope with our grief by ourselves it can be helpful to get some support.

The bereavement group offers the space where you can find comfort in sharing the pain, anger and other feelings following a loss.  Joining this group can also help you feel less isolated, can help reduce feelings of distress, depression, anxiety and fatigue.

Magna’s hope is that the group will offer you the opportunity to talk openly and honesty about your feelings and in turn feel supported by her and others in the group.

Magna has experience in working with infant loss and bereavement, bereavement of children, parents and loved ones that have passed away after a long illness.  She also has experience in working with end of life clients and helping them come to terms with the journey during the illness and their own feelings around passing away.

Magna is no stranger to loss, and would love to walk with you from a place of care and compassion where you will wholehearted be listened to and supported.

The group runs on a Friday from 1pm – 2:30pm.

The fee for attending the group would be £50 a session.