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Further useful information – Helping people to take control of their mental health. Offers counselling, support groups , art therapy and much more. – Helping to support people in times of distress.  Support line for those that are suicidal or depressed/in need of someone to talk to. – Supporting victims of crime.  Ranging from burglary to domestic violence.  Offer confidential support and guidance. – Assisting people that have been victims of rape or sexual abuse. – Offer support and guidance to people that are living with an alcohol problem or affected by one. – Narcotics anonymous.   Assisting people that are struggling with drug addiction, or those that are impacted – Over eaters anonymous – Confidential and free support for people that are struggling with food. – Lifecoach Directory provides a huge support network of life coaches, enabling visitors to find a life coach close to them and appropriate for their needs. – Addiction counselling service in London –  Eating disorder clinic based in central London. –  Information and answers for people fighting addiction