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Therapy For Relationships

All relationships need time and effort. To have a healthy and fulfilling relationship requires time, attention, nurturing and effort.

At times life can make this difficult and challenging. External stress can put pressure on a relationship – financial pressures, children, family bereavement, redundancy, health issues – the list goes on. In addition to this the individuals in the relationship might be fighting their own individual battles such as depression or addiction. In turn this can then have a huge impact on a relationship.

Relationships can often be extremely difficult and challenging.  Here at your counselling service, we recognise just how hard those challenges can be. Not only do we offer individual therapy for people struggling in their current relationship. But we also offer couple’s therapy for couples that really want to make changes and improve things.

How we can help with your relationships

Our experienced and diverse team offer individuals the chance to explore the way they feel about their current relationship. We give them the opportunity to explore if the relationship is making them happy and meeting their own needs. We give them the chance to identify their part in things but also to see if there is anything unhealthy, toxic, or even abusive that they need to break away from. We help individuals to explore old and current relationship patterns and to make the necessary changes to feel fulfilled relationally.

In addition to this our experienced couples’ therapists offer a space for couples to come and work on areas such as communication, respect, intimacy or understanding. In addition to this sometimes one partner has been unfaithful, and people want to be able to work through that with a neutral person. 

Our therapists can really help couples to start hearing one another again, to listen and support each other and to improve their way of relating.  We provide the opportunity to reestablish things like trust, respect, intimacy and understanding. We enable our couples to find their way back together in a loving and caring way. We re establish compassion and care through processing, understanding, and providing a set of tools for the relationship going forward.  

Finally, we also offer meditation for any couples that have decided they don’t want to be together anymore. Sometimes people are looking for an objective person to help navigate and oversee the breakup in a calm and respectful way. We are happy to offer this support and service when needed.

Hear Lucy’s story

In this video Lucy very kindly volunteered to share her recovery experience with Your Counselling Service. It gives insights into how she was treated from the moment she enquired to the moment she recovered, and is a great example of how we like to treat and work with all our clients.

Our approach to helping those in relationships

  • Starting the recovery process is the biggest step forward
  • Learn to respect and value yourself
  • Everything in moderation
  • Trust the process of recovery
  • Self-soothing and respect is key
  • Mood diaries can be very helpful
  • Everyone is individual with their own recovery plan
  • Emotional and physical health is so important
  • Change can happen and it can be positive
  • Fear can be overcome
  • Support network is important (and our service becomes a major part of this)
  • Feeling less alone and isolated aids recovery
  • Self-worth and esteem can develop through therapy
  • You are never alone
  • Recovery takes time, strength, and determination
  • We are here to help whenever you feel you can’t do it

Lets take your first step to improvement, together.

Making the decision to start therapy is both daunting and frightening. People often feel nervous and don’t know what to expect. To give you an idea, we would book an assessment as an initial chance for us to meet and talk. This would last an hour, and it is an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know you more. You can also ask about anything that you are unsure about. If you feel comfortable and are happy to go ahead, then we would book you in for weekly therapy. Each week would be different depending on where you are at, and what you are coming for. We can discuss all of your needs in the assessment and put a treatment plan in place. We have a great team and we are here to help.

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