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Online therapy

Here at YCS we offer our clients online therapy as well as face to face therapy.

Online counselling has always been something we have offered to our clients, however since the pandemic there has been a huge increase and demand for this service.

It is important to note that all of our online sessions are conducted in our private and confidential therapy rooms. Our online sessions are professional and they have the same boundaries in place as our face to face sessions. Sessions are booked in on a regular day at a regular time and the therapist and the client still have a contract in place. The contract is signed and agreed too and stored securely on file. Each week the therapist will be responsible for setting up the online session and for being their promptly on time. The client is responsible for joining the session on time and for making sure they give appropriate notice if they can’t for any reason.

Both the therapist and the client need to ensure that their internet connection is safe , secure and working well. They both need a private space to conduct the session – in an environment where they feel calm and connected. It is important that they both agree how to manage things if the connection gets lost or interrupted at all.

We give our clients the following online options –

·      Zoom

·      Skype

·      Facetime

·      Teams

If you are wondering whether online counselling is for you, then perhaps its worth considering the many reasons that people prefer this service.

Here are some of them –

    • Convenience – fits in to a busy day / busy week at an accessible time

    • Location – easy to have the sessions from the comfort of their own home.

    • Less travel time – they don’t have to factor in a commute to get to the session and back.

    • Flexibility – easier to move session times if needed.

    • Greater availability – more times available across the week – including evenings and weekends

    • Privacy – not only the privacy of their own home. But they also don’t have to see anyone on the way to therapy or outside the therapy room.

    • Less nerve wracking – some clients feel it is less daunting to meet someone online then face to face

    • Accessibility – easier to continue sessions when clients are on holiday, work trips etc

These are just some of the many reasons clients prefer to choose online sessions.

For this reason we have two of our therapists – Hande and Roxanne, running our online therapy service. They are able to offer a range of session times for online work across the week. These are two well qualified and experienced therapists, offering a high level professional service at an affordable rate.  

Roxanne Bigwood – Counsellor

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My Name is Roxanne Bigwood and I offer Person Centred Counselling in a safe and confidential space where you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. I am experienced in counselling adults and adolescents with many different issues including depression, anxiety, self harm, low self-esteem, addiction and abuse. I also work with clients experiencing gender issues, self-destructive behaviours and chronic illnesses and disabilities.

We all experience challenges and difficult experiences in our lives, which at times may leave us feeling scared, confused or alone. You may feel you are unable to talk to friends or family about your experiences and how you are feeling. Through our work together, I will help you to unravel and explore your thoughts and feelings and make sense of them. Once you are able to understand yourself and your experiences better, it becomes easier to make positive changes in your life.

Hande Ozer – Counsellor

Hello, my name is Hande Ozer and I am a Psychotherapeutic counsellor. I understand that taking the step to attend therapy can seem overwhelming and I hope to be able to share and work on those concerns, by providing a safe, warm, calm and supporting environment. I value providing clients a confidential space to ensure that they can use the space effectively in the time provided and for us to take the journey together in understanding recurring thoughts, feelings and themes. With this I hope to support clients in being able to continue the work outside the sessions and be able to gain understanding over these issues.

My background includes studies in the following:

BSc Psychology

MSc Research Methods in Psychology

MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy

I have been in practice for over 6 years and have substantive experience working within the NHS IAPT service as well as the private sector.

I am a member of the BACP and abide by their ethical guidelines.

I work with a variety of issues as below –



Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)



Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

Grief and Bereavement

I have a particular interest in working with pre and post-natal issues using my background in psychodynamic and person-centred training to influence my work.

My primary training in psychodynamic and person centred approaches has provided me the opportunity to work with various issues. I do work integratively with these approaches and others to be able to recognise what will suit my clients the best in their therapeutic journey.

What I have learned over the years in my practice is that mental health matters at all times in our life and should be a priority in all areas and aspects of our life, it is a constant journey that continues and changes as our life does.

If you feel you have experiences surrounding family or personal relationships, or have experienced trauma and feel you need to find healthier ways to manage your anxiety or depression, then please do take that step in seeking therapy. I would be honoured to hear your story so far and look forward to navigating together through the next chapters…