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Therapy For Depression

Depression can feel like a dark cloud that takes over an individual’s life. It is all consuming, relentless and it leaves people feeling totally exhausted, drained and as though they are never fully present. Living in a trance like state can leave people feeling not good enough, disconnected, powerless and often out of control. It can be a scary and isolating place to be.

Depression can be mild for some people and extremely severe for others. The important thing to remember is that no matter where an individual is on that scale, they will still need help, support, and patience. There are lots of things that can help a person that is living with depression to feel better. These can range from things like a good routine, improved self-care, a useful support network to improvements in areas like exercise, sleeping and eating patterns.  

Fundamentally however the above wont address and deal with an individual’s feelings and emotions. They will of course make things easier to cope – but further intervention can be useful and make such a difference.  This is where therapy comes in.

How we can help overcome depression

At Your Counselling Service our experienced team of therapists work hard with clients to encourage them to talk about how they feel and to express their emotions. We offer a neutral and supportive space where individuals can work on how depressed they are feeling. By taking small steps and processing things with their therapist they can then start to feel better. Life can slowly become more manageable for them again.   

We encourage our clients externalise their thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them all locked inside.  This can be difficult and daunting at first, but once they are able to do this then they have a really good tool for life.

As well as processing an individual’s thoughts and feelings therapeutically we also help them to build a therapeutic toolbox to fight depression whenever it hits. This will be tailored to everyone we work with and can include a wide variety of tools.  Above all we promote positive self-care – something that can often be the first things to go when someone feels so low. Our therapists work hard to ensure that people start looking after themselves better and to make the changes they need to feel better. We encourage people to take small steps and over time they start to feel like they can cope again.  

We recognise that here are times when people feel so depressed; they just can’t face living any more.  If an individual is in this place, we would always offer extra therapy and increase our level of support. As well as enlisting the support of doctors and psychiatrists if necessary. Our experienced team are equipped to walk alongside individuals if they ever find themselves in this dark place. And we work hard to help people to feel as though they can not only cope with life but as though they can start to live happily again.

Hear Lucy’s story

In this video Lucy very kindly volunteered to share her recovery experience with Your Counselling Service. It gives insights into how she was treated from the moment she enquired to the moment she recovered, and is a great example of how we like to treat and work with all our clients.

Our approach to helping those experiencing depression

  • Starting the recovery process is the biggest step forward
  • Learn to respect and value yourself
  • Everything in moderation
  • Trust the process of recovery
  • Self-soothing and respect is key
  • Mood diaries can be very helpful
  • Everyone is individual with their own recovery plan
  • Emotional and physical health is so important
  • Change can happen and it can be positive
  • Fear can be overcome
  • Support network is important (and our service becomes a major part of this)
  • Feeling less alone and isolated aids recovery
  • Self-worth and esteem can develop through therapy
  • You are never alone
  • Recovery takes time, strength, and determination
  • We are here to help whenever you feel you can’t do it

Lets take your first step to recovery, together.

Making the decision to start therapy is both daunting and frightening. People often feel nervous and don’t know what to expect. To give you an idea, we would book an assessment as an initial chance for us to meet and talk. This would last an hour, and it is an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know you more. You can also ask about anything that you are unsure about. If you feel comfortable and are happy to go ahead, then we would book you in for weekly therapy. Each week would be different depending on where you are at, and what you are coming for. We can discuss all of your needs in the assessment and put a treatment plan in place. We have a great team and we are here to help.

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