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The words we use…..

Most people don’t notice how they talk to others… sometimes this leave us feeling hurt and unappreciated.   The same can be said for how we speak to ourselves.  Sometimes we don’t even listen to how we speak about ourselves to others and how we speak to ourselves.  We fall in this habit where we are very unkind to ourselves with the words we use.  We hurt ourselves saying things like: “Your fat, your ugly, you will never achieve anything”.  At some stage we start believing these things we tell ourselves and they become our reality.  These belief systems form because of what we tell ourselves, this can become our focus and we lose sight of reality, which can be energy sapping and can affect our emotions.

picbWhen we start dwelling on the things we tell ourselves, we can struggle to identify what the problem really is.  This can make the problem look bigger and feel overwhelming.  It can also affect our self-confidence, our outlook on life and our ability to live life. This could affect our relationships, the way we view our lives and our ability to reach our dreams that suddenly fall on the way side.

Our thoughts and words are connected.  The things we think we tend to speak out. This in turn creates emotions, which can make us feel less than what we really are. And when we are struggling emotionally it can also affect our abilities to deal with life challenges as these challenges suddenly feel bigger than what they are.

The following are a few helpful tips:

  • Adjust your focus. Focus on what needs to change which is your words
  • Are the words you are speaking to yourself kind and when you hear them do they evoke a positive emotion in you?
  • Be kind to yourself with the words you use
  • Changing just one thought/a word we speak to ourselves can change our lives
  • Listen to the words you use when speaking to yourself
  • Focus on your inner strengths –change happens on the inside
  • Don’t feed negative thinking and negative words. Challenge these words and way of thinking

If you feel you are struggling with thoughts and feelings and you need some additional support, please contact us.  You can e mail or call 07505029485.  We are here to listen and help in whatever way we can.