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Listen to what your heart tells you. Not what others say.

Have you ever noticed how a lot of people think they know what’s best for you???

Whether it’s a job choice, a decision about education, a relationship, moving home or even smaller things like an outfit choice or where to go for a break. Isn’t it interesting how everyone has an opinion and how a lot of people seem to know what’s best for you ??

Have you ever considered that perhaps the expert on your life is you??? It doesn’t matter if you have made mistakes a long the way. We are all human. None of us are perfect. Mistakes are part of life. We learn from them and we grow. Getting stronger all the time.

Fundamentally we are the author of our own book. We hold the pen and we determine where we are going and what we are doing.

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I bet if your truly honest with yourself, deep down, in any situation you have known if it is right or not. Your heart has a way of telling you. Sometimes you just need to stop and listen. Listen carefully.

Everyone has an opinion. Often that opinion is based on their own experiences and the things that have impacted them. Consequently they will advise you to be cautious of something or someone, or perhaps encourage you to stop doing something that worries them. It can even go the other way sometimes, where people try and push you into something that you just know isn’t right for you.

Fundamentally you are the only person that really knows if something is right. Your the only one that can truly tell if something makes you happy. And deep down, if your really honest with yourself, you will find the answers that you seek.

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Of course there are times that we all get a little lost. We lose our way and our direction. We make choices that aren’t good for us. Sometimes things like addiction or mental illness can take over. Sometimes our judgement gets clouded. But if we work hard to ground ourselves. If we take the time to get back on track. Seek the help we need. We can can then learn to truly trust ourselves and to believe in what we are saying and doing.

There is nothing more empowering then making a decision for ourselves. Then doing something we truly believe in. Hold on to that – believe in yourself and what your heart tells you. It will guide you in the right direction.

There is nothing worse then doing something that goes against the core of who you are. If you tune into your body you will recognise when that is happening. If you start to really listen to your heart then you will become aware of when you are listening to someone else rather then yourself.

Start to say no to the things you don’t want to do. Start to speak up if something doesn’t make you happy. Begin to let your feelings out. Learn how to express your needs. Don’t let other people influence your choices. Be sure to choose what makes you happy. It isn’t always easy to do but try to follow the path that’s right for you and the rest will follow.

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