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The cost of therapy.

Money can often be a barrier for people when it comes to therapy.
In this current economic climate therapy can sometimes be seen as an expensive luxury.  The question I guess, is ‘can you put a price on your emotional health and well being?’


Therapy is a really important support for a lot of people.
They come to see a therapist often when they are at their lowest point.  This could be as result of someone’s death, of job loss, relationship break down, divorce, or maybe through an eating disorder or addiction causing them serious problems.  It is a shame that it often takes people hitting rock bottom before they will pick up the phone or send an e mail to a therapist.  The reality is however, that amongst other issues (such as time, what others think etc), money will always be seen as a barrier for getting help.


‘I can’t afford therapy…’ is a statement that can often be heard.  People struggle to   make the commitment, due to financial concerns.  It is important however, to recognise, that while this can sometimes be the case, it can also be used as a way to avoid getting help. Much like the view, that I don’t have time to go to therapy, or I am just too busy, there are no good therapists etc, the issue of money can be made to stand in the way of getting help.

It is important however, that people realise the importance of getting therapy and the difference that it can make to people’s lives.  Having the space to talk about the issues that are impacting on your life is both important and necessary at times.  Being able to work things through is key, and having someone objective and neutral to listen, can make a real positive difference.


Here at your counselling service, we are very aware of the expense of therapy, and so we always offer a plan to suit people.   The aim is for you to be able to get the help that you need, without over stretching yourself to a commitment that you cannot keep.  We are currently offering a low fee counselling service. This service will suit people that
aren’t working, or those who work part time, or having financial difficulty.  We are in the position to offer places at a very reasonable fee.

In addition to this, we are also aware of the issue of money in ongoing therapy.  Sometimes it becomes something that clients are struggling with once they have been in therapy for a long time.  For this reason, we are also open to adapting treatment plans.  At times we are willing to reduce the cost, or at other times reduce the therapy to every other week.  It would of course depend on the personal circumstances of the individual client, and their needs would be discussed and worked with.

Here at Your Counselling Service, we would encourage people to get the help that they need, and to not let money be something to stand in the way.  Never be scared to pick up the phone (07590 663938) or to send an e mail (
and outline to us what feels reasonable / feasible for you.  We are always willing to listen and to help out.