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Being young.

Looking at young people today I am left wondering how many of them are actually young and free? What does it feel like to be young and free?  Or is the question perhaps what does it feel like to be carefree?

There seems to be this misconception that if your young you have no worries, but the reality is that so many young people struggle with day to day stuff. You struggle to get up in the morning to face the day.  You worry about exams.  You worry about body changes and that it is so out of your control….  You might feel frustrated with your lack of confidence and sometimes you wonder if you will ever be confident enough to wear make-up, to stand out, to just be you.

You might find yourself in this ever changing environment called school where suddenly you might be in a really difficult place where you are being bullied.  You may feel isolated at times or as though you just don’t fit in.  You may worry about a lot of things all the time.

There are so many pressures.  And the small things young people might be struggling with are magnified when they do not feel equiped to deal with day to day things.  Pressure at home, at school and in a social setting to act older, be more responsible and to leave being a kid behind.

For a young person also struggling with what is happening at home adding the school stuff can feel too much.

At Your Counselling Service we recognise that young people might be struggling with feelings of anxiety and fear.  That sometimes young people want a place where it is safe to express their anger and sadness.  We recognise that young people might struggle with feelings of guilt and shame.  We have compassion for young people and their daily struggles.  We recognise that self confidence might be something that needs to be worked on.  But most of all we recognise that every young person deserves to be heared.  Be listened to.

Young person