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Self belief is a super power.

The moment we truly believe in who we are is the moment we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

When our minds are full of self-doubt we can get stuck in a very negative set of patterns. We can feel unsure and question our thoughts and decision making.  Anxiety can set in, and fear can cause people to feel overwhelmed and then as a result stuck. Negative patterns and thought processes take over and consequently people find it very difficult to make changes. They get lost in the day to day and feel unable to move forward.

Sometimes destructive patterns can set in, and a person can start to lose themselves. Perhaps they start neglecting their self-care, or self-medicating with alcohol or food. Maybe they start acting out or having arguments regularly with those closest to them. Perhaps they lash out because they are hurting. And maybe they start to lose sight of who they are, and of where they want to go in life.

But what would it be like if someone was to truly believe in themselves? If they were to wake up and know just how much they were truly worth? What would it be like to feel a sense of empowerment and for them to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to?

Imagine the difference it could truly make to someone’s life if they knew that they alone could make any changes they needed to make. If they had the power to turn things around and step forward positively with their heads held high.   

Anything is truly possible if someone believes in who they are. The minute someone knows what they are truly worth is the minute they can really achieve. Waking up and feeling good changes everything. Waking up and knowing that you are capable of anything is the best feeling.

You will often hear people talking about getting their ‘mojo’ back or feeling like they have lost themselves lately. Sometimes you will hear people saying they don’t feel confident anymore, that they are doubting themselves or feeling riddled with anxiety. It is all this that can cause someone to get stuck in repeating the same things and then wondering why they are not getting different results.

To believe we need to truly achieve. So, what can help an individual to truly believe in who they are? It isn’t easy but change is always possible. Here are some of the things that can really help someone to start to know just how much they are worth.

  1. Setting realistic and manageable goals.
  2. Making small changes on a day-to-day basis
  3. Focusing on self-care – enough sleep, water, the right food etc
  4. Limiting the amount of alcohol and caffeine they have
  5. Spending time with people that bring out the best in them
  6. Making time for exercise
  7. Sticking to a good routine
  8. Having a structure in place with positive plans
  9. Creating a calm environment at home
  10. Keeping a journal
  11. Starting therapy or coaching if its accessible
  12. Reading books that inspire and motivate
  13. Making time for yoga and/or meditation
  14. Practicing mindfulness
  15. Using positive mantras every day
  16. Making time and space for down time
  17. Identifying the things that are not making them happy
  18. Looking at the changes they would like to make
  19. Following a positive plan
  20. Staying true to their authentic self

None of these things are easy or clear cut. They are not possible every single day. But they are a useful list. And achievable over time with the right effort and pace. If someone is feeling lost, if they are lacking in confidence and feeling unsure about who they are. Then this list can help them find their way back to themselves. It can make sure that they start to feel less anxious and more positive. Less down and more focused. Less alone and more connected. It can enable them to make the changes that they need to live a more fulfilling life – one where they believe in who they truly are. One where their self-belief becomes their superpower.