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Who am I?

Who am I?

This is such a huge question, and yet a question that so many of us fail to ask.  We can spend so much of our time doing the things ‘we need to do’ or ticking the jobs of our ‘to do list’, that we forget to think about ourselves. Our identity. Who we truly are. And consequently what makes us really happy.


Society places so much pressure on people. To have a good job, to have a partner, get married, have children, be good parents, own a nice home, drive a nice car etc. The list is endless.  But this never ending list of expectations can’t really be applicable to all of us can it? And after all…. Do we really want to do the same thing as the person next door? And the one next to them?

Just because society says we should have a husband/wife – do we really need to be married? Just because peer pressure can make people feel that they have to travel the world or go to university – do young adults really have to do that? And just because it’s assumed we will have a baby once we are married, and then another one after that – do we really have to conform???

Who sets these rules? And why do so many of us feel we have to obey them?

ms2Ask yourself this… what makes you truly happy? If that’s the above, or some of it… then great. But what about everything else?

What do you do for yourself? For your spirit? If I asked you to write a bucket list, what would be on it? Is there something you have been meaning to do but still haven’t. And would you consider making the time for this?

Life is very short. It’s very precious and we only get one shot at it. In ten year’s time where do you want to be? Not where you think you should be, but where your heart truly takes you.

Pic blog 2Passion !! When was the last time you felt truly passionate and alive? People are far more likely to feel anxious or depressed when they feel that they aren’t truly living. Truly living can mean something very different for all of us. Some of us are artistic, and creative, and our idea of living would be to draw, paint or write. This could be extended to our homes, our gardens etc.

Some of us are very sporty and would love the challenge of climbing a mountain, or doing a trek overseas somewhere. Others would prefer a yoga retreat, a meditation retreat or a soulful trip to somewhere like India. Some people would love to travel the world, others the UK.

Some find joy and happiness in the company of great friends, going to concerts, parties or out to nice restaurants.  The point is…. All of us are totally unique and different. We need to stop and listen to who we truly are, and think about what we really want in our life. Instead of the list of should and should nots.

So the next time someone asks you to define yourself by the standard questions of what do you do, do you have a partner, are you a parent, a homeowner etc, take a moment and stop.

You don’t have to conform and tick boxes.  Live your life just the way you want too and don’t let anyone else’s views or judgements stop you. Some of the above may be important to you, and that’s ok if it is. But don’t let it solely define you, or feel pressure to be anything other then yourself. Be real, be who you are.