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Life through a childs eyes.

Before the world teaches us about pain. Before life tells us how to be or how we ‘should’ be. Before we learn about being ‘good enough’. Before perfectionism creeps in. Before insecurities develop. Before embarrassment kicks in. Before self-esteem is damaged. Before confidence is knocked. Before worries develop. Before pressure increases. Before body image becomes so important. Before the number on the scales or clothes size matters. Before we think we don’t look right. Before we are super critical. Before we are hurt. Before we are full of self doubt. Before our hearts are broken. Before we learn that you can’t always trust. Before money and possessions matter. Before…..

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Strip it all back. Watch a young child engage with the world. And you will remember – the beauty of life through a child’s eyes.

  • A world where daisies are so beautiful they are worth stopping for.
  • A world where the sun or moon is noticed every day.
  • A world where everyone looks beautiful – no matter what.
  • A world where you eat what you like and when you feel like it.
  • A world where you speak your mind and don’t worry.
  • A world where you don’t apologise for who you are.
  • A world where it’s ok to focus on the things that make you happy.
  • A world where play is the most important thing.
  • A world where you express love freely and shout it from the rooftops.
  • A world where you embrace fun and laughter.
  • A world where you always have time – where this is no rushing.
  • A world where you are keen to learn and absorb.
  • A world where you simply need love and security.
  • A world where you don’t mind what size your home or car is.
  • A world where money doesn’t matter.
  • A world where you appreciate the small things in life.
  • A world where memories are created all the time.
  • A world where it’s ok to say if you don’t like something.
  • A world where it’s ok to say when you have had enough.
  • A world where it’s ok to say no sometimes.
  • A world where it’s ok to sleep when your tired.
  • A world where being you is simply enough.
  • A world where you love yourself when you look in the mirror.
  • A world where it doesn’t matter if your clothes don’t match.
  • A world where its ok if you haven’t done your hair.
  • A world where you can be you.

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The next time you get caught up in the stress of life. Where you get run down and exhausted with the pressures and find yourself rushing from one thing to another. Take a moment – read this list and remember how simple life could truly be. If we all saw it through a child’s eyes. If we all slowed down and made time once in a while. If we all took a moment to look around at the beauty – in the world and in those that surround us. Imagine how different we would all feel. This all links in to being mindful. Being present in the moment. To actually appreciating and seeing what is around us and to taking it all in once in a while.  It isn’t possible to do this all day every day – but whenever you can slow down. Make time for the daisies. See the good in the world. Appreciate the positives. Learn to value who you are. To even love who you are. And laugh. Really really laugh. That laughter that comes from the belly. The one that you hear children doing. Find that part of you – embrace it and let it breathe. You will feel so much better.