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A fear of happiness.

A fear of happiness???

It seems ironic…

It doesn’t quite make sense…

There is no rational or logic.






Surely everyone wants to be happy ???


But what if you have never known happiness?

What if every time you started to feel happy something changed?

What if you have been let down again and again?

What if life has shown you so much darkness?

What if you have only ever functioned?

What if you have lost the people or things that made you happy?






Wouldn’t it then become hard to believe in happiness?

It would be understandable that you might not think it exists or even allow yourself to imagine that its out there.

It would be understandable if you always thought that happiness is something that happens to other people.

Who could blame you if you had concluded that happiness is something that isn’t for you.

Maybe you have convinced yourself that you are not a person who will ever be truly happy.

Perhaps you have now become afraid …. Fearful of letting happiness in. In case it goes again. In case it is taken. In case it is destroyed. And so you remain ‘safe’. Protecting yourself and keeping yourself in this bubble. This place where you think you are better off but where you are a prisoner. Trapped in your own negative and unhealthy thoughts. Telling yourself its ok and you don’t need anything else.








Your fears are holding you back. Your fears are keeping you trapped. Its not safety your feeling, its suffocation. Sure predictability gives a sense of security. And yes if we take a leap outside of our comfort zone then we open ourselves up – we become vulnerable. There is chance we may feel pain. There is a chance we may hurt. But what about the flip side – there is a chance we may actually be happy.


If you can – allow yourself to be more open to change. Try and take small steps. If we don’t make small changes then nothing will ever change. If we don’t try and adapt then we remain stuck and we remain the same.


Perhaps you can try something new today – just something small. Give yourself a chance. You deserve It – take a small step in a positive direction. You will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Why don’t you try and look at things a little bit differently?? Maybe you do deserve to be happy? Perhaps you do deserve a chance? You never know – your happiness could be right around the corner? If you only allow yourself to open up and let it in.

Just because things have been one way it doesn’t mean they will remain that way. Just because something happened before it doesn’t mean it will happen again. Its hard to have faith. It’s hard to trust. Especially when you have been hurt and let down before. But if you never try then you will never know.

Pic Blog Everyone’s definition of happiness is different – it doesn’t ever look the same. You need to focus on what truly makes you happy and how that happiness looks for you. Search deep inside. Make some positive active choices. If you can – take that leap of faith. And remember YOU deserve to be happy.