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Coping with coronavirus anxiety

Anxiety is something that people find very difficult to describe or explain. But it can have a massive impact on someone’s well being and day to day life.

At the moment anxiety levels are very high for a lot of people. We are going through a period of major disruption, change and there is so much fear about the unknown right now.

A lot of people are currently feeling very overwhelmed and worried. Many are experiencing some kind of panic about changes that may be happening to and around them. There are a lot of implications for people right now – ranging from health worries, financial pressures, coping with isolation alongside the challenges of not being able to do usual activities.

Anxiety is sometimes dismissed by others as being irrational. Often people wont really understand the feeling and how it may be manifesting for an individual.

It is important to remember that anxiety is incredibly difficult for someone to experience and cope with.

At the moment there is a lot of anxiety around us. It is impacting and effecting most people in some way. So imagine what it must be like for those that were already anxious, those that were already struggling with their own fears and for those that were already depressed and battling anxiety. Right now those feelings are beyond magnified.

Anxiety is an emotion that rises and people can begin to feel on edge and start to worry. Often they may experience a sense of fear or panic, or perhaps start to feel as though they can’t cope. Sometimes people feel as though they can’t eat or sleep, or they may experience feeling very tired / exhausted and perhaps have a dry mouth / throat. Everyone can have a different experience, so some people may end up sleeping a lot or over eating as a way of coping with what they are feeling.

People can become very anxious when they feel under threat. Right now that threat is real and for many people it is huge. The threat to health, to loved ones, to finance, to day to day living, to mental well being. The list is endless.

Coping with the current anxiety around coronavirus can be difficult. Especially when isolated at home. But there are things that people can do to manage this and techniques that can help them to get through this. Here are some of them –


• Create a routine for yourself. Give your days a sense of structure.
• Focus on your breathing. Take time to ground yourself and to manage your breath.
• Exercise as much as possible – it is still ok to go for a walk or a run right now.
• Make some time for yoga. You can do this from your own living room.
• Write things down – keep a journal to help manage your feelings
• Set yourself positive goals. What can you think about doing during this time of isolation?
• Write yourself some lists – things that you can work through during the day and tick off
• Take a break when you can – run a bath, read a book, watch your favourite program
• Make sure your stay in contact with loved ones as much as possible
• Talk to the people around you about your feelings. Sometimes its important to be able to say ‘I’m feeling anxious right now’
• Be careful of turning to things like alcohol or food for comfort. Keep a healthy balance
• Limit the amount of time you spend on social media
• Know that its ok to say no – you need to do what’s right for yourself
• Remember counselling is available if you need it – online or on the phone. We are here to help – 07590 663938 or

One step at a time – we can all get through this.