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Holding on to hope.

Right now it isn’t always easy to hold on to hope.

Everyone is struggling to cope and manage. The days feel long. They can feel relentless. Sometimes It can seem like groundhog day. People are struggling. Mental health is suffering. Anxiety rising. Perhaps depression is kicking in. For some people it’s the isolation – feeling alone and lost in that. For others its financial pressures and worries. For some it’s the strain and stress on relationships. Some people are hitting a wall with home schooling and managing with children. For many its managing working from home. And that’s just one side. What about all the key workers? Those out on the front line? All the stress pain and heartache that they are coping with. What about the loss that’s real in the world right now? All the pain and grief that so many are trying to cope with? What about the fear? Fear around our own health, fear around the health of others. Worries about normality. Will it return? How will it look? It goes on. And it goes round and round in everyone’s heads. It can get heavy. It can get too much. At times it can feel too much. Sinking. Slowly. Being pulled down into that dark place. Its hard. Its heavy. We all feel it.








The struggle is real.

There is no denying that.

The struggle is real.

We though so much positivity at this.

But the struggle is real.

We work hard. We exercise. We distract oursevlves. We achieve. We get busy. We reach out. We practice good self-care. We connect with others.

But the struggle is real.


We all need to hold on to hope. Hope that things will get better. That this will pass. That while we don’t know when and we don’t know how – some sense of normality will come back.

We all need to dig deep and find that hope. Hope that we will see the people we love and care about soon. Hope that they will all be ok. Healthy, happy and ok. Hope that things will restore and in time healing will take place.

We all need to take stock when we can. Press pause. Slow down. Reflect and be mindful. It will do us all the world of good to appreciate all that we have and practice being thankful for that. But on a much deeper level we need to go into ourselves to that place – that tiny little bit of light. That place where we can truly breathe. Where we take stock. Slow down – close our eyes and visualize.

Take a moment. See yourself coming through this. What does it look like? How will it be? Use your hope to guide yourself. Use your hope to focus on the life you will be living. Find a way – you can do it. You can manage this. You can believe and you can achieve.

You may feel lost at times – your human. How could you not?? You may feel overwhelmed at times. Again your human. Be kind to yourself. You may have days when everything feels too much. You may have moments when it’s all too difficult and you may have hours when it all feels so dark.

But trust yourself. Guide yourself. Look deep inside. Find your hope – and the rest will follow. When you find it – hold on to it. Hold on to it so tightly. Your ok. You have got this. We have all go this.