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It is amazing what a bit of clarity does for us.

Sometimes we get so caught up in everything we ‘need’ to do, that we lose our sense of perspective.

Sometimes we are so busy achieving or doing that we do not make the time to stop and evaluate.

Sometimes life happens on auto pilot. And consequently, things never change.







When was the last time you stopped and truly looked around you? When did you last make the time to think about the way you are living? To ask yourself if you are truly happy and to ask yourself if you are ok with the way that things are going? For many people it becomes more common to not stop. It becomes more common to keep going and never question. It becomes the norm to go round and round in circles.

As a result, stress builds. As a result, anxiety starts to rise. As a result, low mood and even depression can creep in. If as individual’s we are not fulfilled, then everything will start to build up and get on top of us. If as individual’s we do not make time for ourselves or for the things that we need – then we will never truly be content.







Clarity. That moment of clarity. Is so important and so significant. Slow down. Make some space. Pause. Reflect. And in doing so you will be able to think about what it is that you truly need.

Are you a person that loves to read? If so when did you last read a book?

Are you a person that loves to study? If so when did you last learn something new?

Are you a person that loves to be outdoors? If so, are you making time for walks?

Are you a person that thrives on keeping fit? If so, are you making time to exercise?

Are you a person that enjoys socialising? If so. are you making the time to connect?

The list goes on….

Currently there are many restrictions for all of us. But there are still ways of getting these needs met. For example, we can still walk outside with a friend or family member. We can still exercise with another outside or by ourselves at home. We can still study, we can still make phone calls, video calls etc to connect. We can still read etc.

Lockdown can feel like a barrier in so many ways. It can create this mental block – or lead to the phrase ‘we can’t do that’. But how about thinking about what you can do?? How about thinking of positive ways to use this current lockdown. How about trying to reframe things? To use your time differently. To make some space for you and the things that you need?

How is your self-care for example? Are you making time to run that bath? Watch that program? Get that sleep? Are you eating moderately and keeping alcohol to a moderate amount? These things all have a massive impact on us. And when they start to slip that is when we begin to truly suffer.


Many people have struggled with sleep during lockdown. Or with the amount they are drinking or eating. Perhaps this lockdown is an opportunity to change that. Perhaps it is a chance to do things differently. Do not look back at what has been. No good can come from beating yourself up about the way things were before. At that moment you were surviving. You were doing the best you could in the given moment. But maybe now its time to learn from that. To take away the things you do not want to do again and to look at the things that you would like to do differently.

Clarity – once you find it. You will feel calmer and clearer all around.

Press pause today. Think about your life balance. What is working for you? What is not? What would you like to do differently? How would you like to move forward?

If I asked you to draw a circle that represented your life – how much of it would be taken up with work? With you time? With family time? With exercise? Self-care? Socialising? How is that balance looking?? Do you need to change something?? Its worth reflecting on. Its worth finding a better balance for yourself.







Sometimes we need that moment of clarity. Maybe we need to slow right down to find it. To be less busy with work. Or to have fewer social commitments. Maybe we need to drink less alcohol or moderate our eating to have a clearer head space. Maybe we need to make more time to be outdoors to clear our thoughts. However, you find it, however you reach it, however you create it – finding clarity it so important. Once you have it – hold on to it tightly. Start to make the changes you need to live a more fulfilled and happy life. Once you do – you will be amazed at how differently you feel in yourself.