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Listen to your body

If we all slowed down and took the time to listen to our bodies – we might be quite surprised at just how much they tell us.

Think about it for a moment –

Do you ever feel like your body is aching?

Do you struggle with headaches?

Do you have digestive problems?

Are your shoulders tense?

Is your throat sore?

Do your eyes hurt?

Do you feel exhausted a lot of the time?

Have you considered that these physical effects are actually a manifestation of your emotional turbulence? Think about stress, think about upset, think about worry and anxiety. They take their toll – and not just on the mind.  The struggles we experience In our life can also have a huge impact on our bodies.

Our bodies have a wonderful way of telling us what is wrong. Often people become unwell. They suffer with different illnesses. Sometimes they have chronic headaches or migraines.  Sometimes they end up in chronic pain. They may frequently catch bugs that are circulating and find that they cant quite get a run of good health. Sometimes people may also head towards burn out and feel totally run down. All of this can be a result of the stress and strain of every day life. If you add in additional stress or emotional turbulence then things can feel even harder to manage.

Sometimes when we are in the thick of things. When we are dealing with stress and strain. We are not always aware of exactly how much it is impacting and having an effect on us. Often people can go into auto pilot mode. And find it hard to take the space and time to slow down and connect to what is actually happening to them.

Take some time to physically check in with yourself. How are you doing? How are you feeling? Maybe stop and sit, or lay down. And mentally scan your body. How is it feeling right now? Where does it hurt? Where does it ache? Where might you be feeling any stress or strain? What are you holding in your body? What are you stuck with? Is there something you need to let go of? Is there something that feels too much right now?

It can be so useful to take the time out from our busy and hectic schedules. To press pause and to check in with ourselves. Ultimately our bodies are our best friends, and we need to treat them with respect and kindness. When was the last time you did something for your body? What do you do to look after it? Think about that – the nurturing it needs. The care and love it needs. Take the time to process and take the time to truly give yourself the love and tlc that you deserve.

If your body isn’t feeling right – then something is out of kilter. If you are struggling physically then something isn’t ok in your world right now. Check in with yourself physically. Its worth doing. Then take the time to listen to what your body really needs. Once you learn to listen to what its telling you – you can make some really positive changes.

Perhaps you need more downtime? Perhaps you need more rest? Your body could be asking for more sleep, better nutrition, or even something as simple as more water. It could be asking for more exercise, or less exercise – depending on where your at. Your body might need to re charge or it might need more structure and routine. It could need to move more or to try something different. Take the time to work out what it is that your body really needs.

Try it – you will be amazed at the difference it makes. When the body and mind are calmly in sink – the rest follows.