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Time for a change

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

Does life ever have a slightly emptiness?

Do your days and nights seem to pass by?

Does it often feel like you are not getting anywhere?

Do you ever find yourself wondering where the last week has gone?

If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes – then perhaps its time to think about changing something.

Take a moment to stop and actually reflect on your life. How is it going? Where do you feel things are at? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you truly content and at ease?

There are many aspects and areas In our life. Partners, work, home, family, friends, exercise, health, social life, finance, children, personal goals, hobbies and interests, you time. The list is endless.

All of these parts integrate and make a whole. We are not simply one area of our life. We cant only have space for work for example, or only make time for exercise. Our life is ideally meant to be about balance and moderation. Made up of all of these parts.

For us to feel truly happy – the parts of our life need to be where we want them to be. Think about that. Where are you at currently at with each of these areas of life. How is work going for example? What is your current relationship status and are you happy with it? How is your health? Your time for friends and family…. and so on. Be honest with yourself – if you evaluate each of these areas how are they really going?

Then think about how you feel. That true sense of inner peace, calm and happiness. Is it there? That sense of achievement and fulfilment. Is that there? That idea that your heading somewhere. Does it feel like that?

Or do you feel stuck in some way? Does it feel like your not getting anywhere sometimes? Or maybe it just feels like something is missing right now.

If this is the case then its time to make a change. Its time to start something different. To take that leap of faith and head in a different direction. You might not know straight away how that looks or what it may be. But awareness is the first step towards active positive change. The moment we realise something doesn’t feel right – is the moment we can start to go in a different direction.

Perhaps its time to identify some personal goals. Look around your life and think about what is working for you. That’s usually a good place to start. Think about what goes well and then look at what doesn’t. Take the time to process that. The parts you enjoy, the parts that are working – hold on to them and nurture them. Keep them going. They are positive for you.

Now think about the areas that are not working for you. The ones that don’t feel ok and the ones that you are struggling with. Identify them. Reflect on them and think about what it is about them that isn’t going well. Now you have something to work with. Now you have something to try and actively change.

List those things right now. The areas you would like to change.

Then brainstorm – lets come up with some ideas. What could you start to do differently? What could you try instead? How could you turn things around? Maybe there is a different way.

Sometimes we get so caught up in repeating cycles that we just keep going. We don’t stop and take the time to think about how we could do something differently. But once we do stop. Once we do make time to reflect and then start to think. We then have space to start to make a change. We have room to try something differently and we have the power within ourselves to go down a different path.

After all if something isn’t working right now – we don’t want to be sat here in a years time feeling the same way.

Take the leap of faith. Start to make the change. After all – it all begins with you.