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New Years Resolutions…..

It is the beginning of January and the most common conversation you will hear is people talking about what they are going to do differently this year.  The majority of people feel that they have over indulged in one way or the other over the festive period.  They then get drawn into the notion that January can be the change of that.  The ideas that people come up with, the discussions that they have, and lists that they make, are often well and truly forgotten by the end of the month.

Most people will feel that they have drunk too much over the festive period and you will often see/ hear of people cutting back in the New year or doing ‘dry January’.  This can also apply to food.  People often set themselves targets to lose weight.  They make plans to shed those few extra festive pounds, or suddenly they go from eating lots of chocolate and sweets to living off salad and soup.  This new year’s ‘diet’ is of course not sustainable.

Gyms often become packed in the new year.  Lots of people sign up and start a new exercise regime.  The majority however,  do not stick to it, and do not continue with the plan that they have put in place.  This would apply across to the board to fitness classes, running, new exercise dvd’s , you name it.  They all come from this renewed sense of ‘positive change’, but actually people fall back very quickly into old habits /routines.  This list can go on in terms of smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, but also other addictions, that you may not have thought of.  Such as work addiction for example.

The list of addictions can be extensive.  Work is just one of many.  Exercise could be another. Gambling, pornography, sex, cleaning, stealing.  The list goes on and it is endless.  It is never really about the actual way that the addictive behaviour comes out, but far more about the underlying cause.

Not everyone who over indulges at Christmas has an addiction.  And not everyone who tries to put new year’s resolutions in place is trying to cover up an underlying issue.  However, a lot of people do and will use things such as listed above as a way of coping and managing with feelings and emotions.  It is this that often goes undetected and this that can get missed at this time of year.

January can be a very dangerous time for people living with an eating disorder for example. They may find themselves surrounded by people talking about new ‘fad diets’ or strict regimes. They may find everywhere they look a new weight loss method is being advertised. Imagine the amount of people that relapse with an eating disorder in January. Or the amount of alcoholics or drug addicts that relapse during the festive period. They will no doubt, find themselves back in the same place as they were the previous Christmas if they don’t actually get some help.

It would be so much ‘healthier’ for people to pick up the phone at this time of year and to get some help with the issues that they may struggle with.  Rather than focusing on the gym, the detox, the pounds etc.  What a difference counselling can make to people’s lives in the long term, if only they have the courage to take that brave step.

A reason often given for not doing this is not feeling ready.  Yet making the initial enquiry and coming for an initial assessment can often be the thing that turns people’s lives around.  There is never an ideal time to start counselling, however if you find yourself saying that you don’t feel ready , or you don’t feel strong enough, or perhaps your too anxious.  Then it is most likely that you need counselling now more than ever.

The second reason people often give is that they can’t afford it.  Particularly at this time of year.  Here at your counselling service we recognise this and understand that the cost of therapy can be difficult for people.  We are therefore happy to reduce fees to make counselling more affordable for people.  We have a wide range of appointments and we try to accommodate peoples needs as much as possible.

Please get in touch if we can help you.  Don’t sit back and wait until you find yourself hurting again.  And don’t try and use new year’s resolutions as a way of managing things.  If you have any issues that you feel a therapist could help you with, then call us.  07590 663938 or e mail