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The cost of therapy.

Money can often be a barrier for people when it comes to therapy.  In this current economic climate therapy can sometimes be seen as an ‘expensive luxury’. When people are trying to cover the cost of their household bills they can find it difficult to put aside money to spend on themselves.

Here at your counselling service, we know the importance of psychological wellbeing. You can’t put a price on this. However, we are also realistic, and we know the challenges of finance for many people. We work hard therefore to provide an excellent therapeutic service for our clients at an affordable rate.

Therapy is an important and supportive space for a lot of people.  They come to see a therapist often when they are at their lowest point.  This could be as result of someone’s death, job loss, relationship break downs, divorce, or maybe for an eating disorder or addiction that is causing them serious problems. 

It is a shame that it often takes people hitting rock bottom before they will pick up the phone or send an e mail to a therapist. We would try to encourage people to do it before things get that challenging. The reality is, however, that amongst other issues (such as time, the perception of others etc), money will always be seen as a barrier for getting help. 

‘I can’t afford therapy…’ is a statement that can often be heard.  Many people struggle to make the commitment, due to financial concerns. For some people this reason can be used as a way of avoiding starting therapy. Perhaps they are nervous or unsure about what it might involve or scared to make a change. For others however financial concerns are very real and may even be part of the reason that they are currently struggling. For that reason, we try to keep our rates affordable at your counselling service.

We also provide a low fee counselling service where we offer several low fee spaces so that therapy is accessible for everyone. Currently these are on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. We also run a low fee clinic on a Saturday too.

Therapy makes such a positive difference to people’s lives we feel it should be available and accessible to everyone.  Having the space to talk about the issues that are impacting on your life is both important and necessary at times.  Being able to work things through is key, and having someone objective and neutral to listen, can make a real positive difference.

For this reason we always offer a rate to suit people.   The aim is for you to be able to get the help that you need, without over stretching yourself to a commitment that you cannot keep.  We will make sure that the fee you commit to is one that you can carry on committing too. And we let people know that if at any point they are struggling they can talk to their therapist and we can manage a more affordable fee.

Our therapists Jonathan, Debbie and Emma run our low fee counselling service. They are all students in the final stages of training. They are experienced and they are incredibly good at what they do. You can read about them on our meet the team page. They will both offer you a great service and we ensure that this is at an affordable rate.

Here at Your Counselling Service, we would encourage people to get the help that they need, and to not let money be something to stand in the way.  Never be scared to pick up the phone (07590 663938) or to send an e mail ( and outline to us what feels reasonable / feasible for you.  We are always willing to listen and to help.