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Online therapy.

We are experiencing even more of a demand for online therapy since the pandemic.

Many people came to realise during this time the ease and benefits of having their therapy sessions online. Before this time it was a bit of an unknown entity. Some people tended to use online if they were away on a trip perhaps, studying at university or maybe physically unable to come in face to face. But generally most of our work as therapists was face to face – in the therapy room.

The pandemic changed that significantly and all of our work moved to online. We offered (and still offer ) sessions via Zoom, Skype , Facetime or Teams.  All of these online sessions would be conducted in a private and confidential space and with the same contracting as face to face sessions. Therapeutic support throughout the pandemic was vital. And many people had weekly online sessions.

After face-to-face therapy returned a lot of clients couldn’t wait to get back into the therapy room and see their therapist in person. However a lot of clients choose to remain online for their sessions and there continued to be a high demand for online work as time went by.

Online therapy is professional and boundaried , whilst as mentioned being confidential and private. Sessions are booked in on a regular day at a regular time and the therapist and the client still have a contract in place. The contract is signed and agreed too and stored securely on file. Each week the therapist will be responsible for setting up the online session and for being their promptly on time. The client is responsible for joining the session on time and for making sure they give appropriate notice if they can’t for any reason.

Both the therapist and the client need to ensure that their internet connection is safe , secure and working well. They both need a private space to conduct the session – in an environment where they feel calm and connected. It is important that they both agree how to manage things if the connection gets lost or interrupted at all.

The professionalism of online sessions is clear. However, the question is why are people choosing this service now more then ever?

Upon exploration clients feed back to us that they choose this option because there are many benefits to it. Here are some of the main ones mentioned.

  • Convenience – fits in to a busy day / busy week at an accessible time
  • Location – easy to have the sessions from the comfort of their own home.
  • Less travel time – they don’t have to factor in a commute to get to the session and back.
  • Flexibility – easier to move session times if needed.
  • Greater availability – more times available across the week – including evenings and weekends
  • Privacy – not only the privacy of their own home. But they also don’t have to see anyone on the way to therapy or outside the therapy room.
  • Less nerve wracking – some clients feel it is less daunting to meet someone online then face to face
  • Accessibility – easier to continue sessions when clients are on holiday, work trips etc

These are just some of the many reasons clients prefer to choose online sessions.

For this reason we have two of our therapists – Hande and Roxanne, running our online therapy service. They are able to offer a range of session times for online work across the week. These are two well qualified and experienced therapists, offering a high level professional service at an affordable rate.  

So if you or anyone you know would like to try online therapy please do get in touch with us – 07590 663938 or . We are here and happy to  help.

Of course we are aware that there are many clients prefer face to face work and for that reason we offer both.  Finally It is important to note that both online and face to face therapy have the same positive outcomes for clients. And the same level of progress can be made. The work done online is reliable, professional and as connected as face to face work.

The type of therapy chosen is purely down to personal choice.