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Hayley Ryan

Having hope….

How often do we hear people say…. Don’t lose hope.  But what does it really mean to have hope?  People write songs about having hope, write books about how they have hope for the future…. Which leaves me wondering, how… Read More »Having hope….

Infant loss

That first moment of realisation that you are pregnant is probably the most treasured and special feeling a mother to be can have.  Sometimes life happens…. And suddenly you find yourself loosing this baby either during pregnancy or having a… Read More »Infant loss


Depression can paralyse you.  Keep you tucked inside the walls of your house.  At times it might feel like you are drowning, except when you look at everyone around you, you see them living life.  It can make you miss… Read More »Depression

Exercise addiction

This blog entry was written by a client at your counselling service. A young woman recovering from anorexia and bulimia.  Someone who is winning her battle and also overcoming exercise addiction. We all know that regular exercise is an important part… Read More »Exercise addiction

Womens group.

From the beginning of January we are pleased to announce the launch of our new group – ‘Women’s group’. Women’s Group – Thursdays 5.30 – 7.00 pm Our therapist Magna Erasmus runs women’s group.  This is a group for women… Read More »Womens group.


Relationships are complicated and often people don’t actually acknowledge and realise the amount of effort and nurturing that needs to go into them. The majority of people that come into the counselling room are struggling with the relationships in their… Read More »Relationships…..