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Having hope….

How often do we hear people say…. Don’t lose hope.  But what does it really mean to have hope?  People write songs about having hope, write books about how they have hope for the future…. Which leaves me wondering, how does one have hope? And where do you find it?  Does one need courage to have hope? And how will your recognise that place called hope when you get there?

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Sometimes it just feels so much easier to give up hope than to have hope.  But the fact that you are reading this gives me hope, knowing that you have not given up.  That you are looking for that little spark that there is hope out there.
And there is hope….

– To find hope we sometimes need to believe that things can change.  That this is not it.  That we can find deep within.

– Thinking about the future does not have to be scary.  In thinking about the future you have the power within you to believe that you can live life differently.    That the choice is yours.

– Create a new vision for your future, by starting with the little things that you can change.  Try the things that are doable before moving on to the bigger things.  This way things don’t feel overwhelming or seem impossible.

– Sometimes we need to look at people around us and think about what gives them hope for the future.  Ask them, what gives you hope? What does your hope look like? So that we can recognise our own hope and decide what we want it to look like.

– Where there is life there is always hope.

Just remember big journeys begin with small steps.  And that every step counts – it doesn’t matter how small.

If you feel that you need some additional support or to talk to someone that can help you restore your hope, then please contact us at your counselling service.

You can e mail or call 07590 663938.  We are willing to walk alongside you on your journey.