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I lay awake while the world was asleep

My alarm went off but I felt too weak

My soul was too heavy for my feet

I truly believed that I had been beat

But then I realised it was time

To open my eyes and come alive


I stopped looking at the ground

Instead I reached for the clouds

I told myself I’m not going to let life pass me by

Even though it was hard I decided to try


I had lost my faith in a world I thought was cursed

I had cried so hard it began to hurt

It was time to stand up and fight

It was time to begin to make things right

So I looked to the sky, told myself you only get one life

You really need to try


I thought I’d never make it through

When I had no hope to hold on to

But then I found all of you

I found hope in my heart and a light to life

My way out the dark


You helped me survive the darkest hour

You helped keep me alive

I picked myself back up and held my head up high

I whispered to myself you were not built to break

I’m going to give this all it takes


Along the way I crashed down and I tumbled

But I never allowed myself to crumble

You helped me get through all the pain

Little did I know I had so much to gain


So many times I wondered how I would get through the night

But my faith kept me alive and my hope shining bright

As I opened my eyes I began to cry

I said hello world, how have you been

Good to see you, this almost feels likes a dream


Sometimes I felt cold as steel

Broken like I would never heal

But a little light, a little hope

Made me realise that I could cope


A little grace, a little faith unfurled

I had forgotten how to live in this beautiful world

I had forgotten what living was for

I would hear my life pass me by through my front door

But as the empty disappeared

I started to remember why I am here


I surrendered and believed

I picked myself up from my knees

And as I choke back tears today

I can’t even begin to say

How much you have helped shape this girl

Gave me the hope to believe I could conquer the world


You give the strength to me, a strength I never had

I was a mess you see, I had lost my way so bad

But you dragged me up and out

Even when all I had doubt


Together, we have seen it all,

Triumphs and laughter to tears and falls

We dared to light each others paths

Then found the beauty in the aftermath


You must know I have always thought,

Without you all I could not have fought

I want you all to know you mean the world to me,

You really helped to set my soul free


Even though things will change,

The relationships we have formed will remain the same

I know our hearts will be joined until,

The end of forever,

Until time stands still

Anonymous – Young woman reflecting on her recovery from an eating disorder.  And speaking to the group/therapist she has valued as a part of this recovery.