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Tips for coping with loss.

Following up from last week’s blog. Here are a few things that can help people to cope –

  • Exercise – it doesn’t matter if it is walking, swimming or hitting the gym. Whatever works for you – exercise releases endorphins and combats depression.
  • Keep a journal of all your thoughts and feelings.  Releasing these from your head can be very therapeutic.
  • Talk to your family and friends – share what is going on for you. It’s important not to isolate yourself.
  • Make some time for yourself each day.  Do whatever you need to – read, meditate, watch a film – whatever works for you.
  • Take some pressure of yourself – you don’t have to attend everything or say yes to everyone. Slow down.
  • Spend time with people that make you feel calm and happy. Focus on those that understand and those that can be there for you.
  • Remember that this won’t last forever, and things will get easier. Trusting in an end point can make things more bearable.
  • Try to avoid using alcohol or drugs as a way of self-medicating.  It can make you feel so much worse. Even a temporary high will have a huge low that follows.
  • Aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Again, try to avoid using food in a destructive way – by either over or under eating.
  • Speak to your GP – it doesn’t mean you have to go on medication, but sometimes this can be needed and can really help.
  • Seek counselling if possible – counselling can really help when your coping with loss. If we can help we will – 07590 663938 or