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One step at a time.

When life feels too hard and you feel empty inside

Remind yourself of why you started and set your fears aside

You have to keep fighting, you have to stay strong

One step at a time, just keep moving on

So don’t forget to love her, the little girl you used to be

She still lives inside you, sleeping peacefully

Inside the future, exhale the past

Remember life is fluid, hard times don’t last

When your scared and your lost and you don’t know where to start

Look deep within and follow your heart

Have the courage to stand up tall

Spread your wings and dare to soar

Life is a journey, you learn while you roam

No matter what happens, you will find your way home

Everything happens for a reason, that I believe

Your darkness is your candle, it helps you to see

Your struggles make you stronger, they are blessings in disguise

The rain when it clears, makes room for blue skies

So always have hope that things will get better

The pain that you feel, it wont last forever.