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Light at the end of the tunnel

A phrase I am hearing more and more at the moment is, – ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’.

As we reach a year of being on and off in lockdown, it marks something quite significant for all of us. A year of battles, emotional, physical, and psychological. A year of resilience being pushed to the limit. A year of isolation and ongoing frustration. A year of missing those we love and care about. A year of our routines and norms being challenged and changed so much. A year of survival. A year of somehow digging deep and pulling through. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. You name it. We made it to this point – and still here we are, in lockdown. It is not easy. It is not something we ever though we would go through in our lifetime. But it is our reality. This pandemic is pushing us all to the edge.

But hold on. Look deep. Somewhere in all of this – there is hope. Somewhere in all this there is the knowledge that something, somehow, will shift. Somewhere in all of this we can all see a tiny glimpse – a small ray – a little sparkle – somewhere, deep down in the darkness – there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Sometimes when we are faced with so much darkness, it is hard to see and believe that things will improve. It is hard to comprehend that they will get better. It is hard to hold on to our sense of hope. And it is hard to trust that things will at some point end. When faced with daily struggles and battles it is almost impossible at times to keep going. But we are all stronger than we think. We all have more resilience than we actually are aware of.  And we are all capable of more then we know. When we put our minds to it, when we focus, when we change our outlook or approach, we are capable – we can do this. We can focus on the light and we can survive.







There has been so much uncertainty in the last year and the goal posts have changed so many times. It is hard to always trust the process and it is hard to have faith in the possibilities that could be ahead. Of course, it is important to remain grounded and to not get our hopes up too much. But if we do not allow ourselves to believe. If we do not hold on to the hope that things will change – then we will never be able to move forward. We will remain stuck. We will remain lost. And we will remain in a bleak place. To struggle and battle right now is natural – but more then ever we need to try and see that light.

There is hope. Things will improve. Things will get easier. Vaccinations are happening. Things are changing. Restrictions will lift. We will see those we care about again. Things will move forward. We will be able to hug and be close to one another again. We will be able to live life as we once did in a social and connected way. We will be able to work in the way we once did. Things will adjust. Things will adapt. Things will come back to us.

Perhaps it is important to recognise and acknowledge that things might not go back to being the same. After something as significant and life changing as this, how could they? But that change does not have to be negative. We can take forward with us the things that we have learnt, the things that we have developed, the things that have changed us – and we can implement a different way of being. Perhaps one that is important to us. Perhaps one that is true to who we are. Perhaps one that means more to us. We can make it happen. We have the power.

The last year will have changed us all. Of course, it will. So much has happened. But we can all adapt, learn, grow, and develop as a result and we can all move forward in a different way together. Right now, more then ever, we need to hold on. We need to keep the end in sight. To believe and then we can achieve. Keep going – we have got this. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.