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Your health is your wealth.

A very wise woman once said to me ‘Your health is your wealth’. The simple reminder from her – was the importance of looking after your health. That it is far more important to look after yourself first, and that really – everything else can wait.







As therapists – we often say things like – ‘it all begins with you’ or ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. We are always promoting the idea of self-care and we are always talking about the importance of health and well-being. Both physically and mentally.

 With my clients I often emphasise the significance of slowing down, of taking more time for themselves. I stress the importance of looking after both their physical and their mental health. I focus on the need to create space for themselves and I often explore the negative impact that occurs when this is neglected or forgotten.

Simply put – when people fail to look after themselves – their mental and physical health suffers. Sadly, however many people don’t truly think about this until it actually happens.

Sometimes it takes a mental breakdown for people to stop and get the help they really need.

Sometimes it takes serious physical illness to make people reflect and think about changes in their life.

Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they start to climb back up. 


It doesn’t always have to be this way though. Sometimes we can get in there and make the changes before things reach boiling point, or before they start to spiral out of control. Sometimes we can take charge and start to make some active positive changes. Sometimes we can intervene and choose a different path.

So take a moment – think about your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Where are you currently at??? When was the last time you truly stopped to think about you? How does your body feel? How are your energy levels? How tired are you right now? When did you last do something that restored your energy? How fit are you currently feeling? How is your eating right now? What is your work life balance like? How is your sleeping? How much time are you taking for yourself today?  

I could go on with these type of questions….

Many of us struggle to stop. We find it hard to press pause and to think about where we truly are. Yet there is nothing more important then our own physical and mental wellbeing. You can’t put a price on that. When you strip it all away….Nothing else matters.







I encourage you today – right now are you read this. To slow down. And press pause. To take some time out. No matter how short – to press pause and reflect. Invest some time in yourself. Take some much-needed time for you. And think about these questions. Are you really taking care of yourself right now? Are you really making time for yourself right now? Is your physical and mental well being the most important thing? Because if it isn’t – then it should be. Everything else can wait. Everything else will be there. Make the change. Do it now – start today. No matter how scary at first. Take the step – you will feel so much better for it.