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Losing sight of who you are.

Have you ever found yourself feeling quite lost? Perhaps it feels as though you are functioning but not really connecting. Maybe you are physically present but mentally absent. There could be this sense of going through the motions – but not really getting what you truly want and need out of life.

Existing. Yes. But living? No.

Our bodies and our minds have a very powerful way of letting us know when something doesn’t feel right. Physically the body will react with tension in some way. Stomach pains, headaches, injuries, illnesses – the list goes on. Mentally we can feel drained, exhausted, burnt out, run down – however you label it. In a nutshell something Is missing. Something isn’t there and its hard to pin point what it is.

You may find yourself surrounded by groups of people that don’t really feel like ‘your’ people. You may find that there isn’t much to talk about with certain groups that you belong too. Perhaps you are surrounded by activities and environments that don’t really sit well with you. It could be friendships, it could be a relationship, it could be a job.

But when something is out of kilter. When something doesn’t feel fundamentally right. We can find ourselves feeling quite lost. Waking up and getting through the day. Rather than waking up and embracing the way.

When did you last feel excited about the day ahead? When did you last look forward to an activity that was booked in your week? Or when did you feel happy about seeing certain people?

Do you stop to evaluate things like this? If you don’t then it is important to start doing it. Right now.

Think about your week ahead.

What are you looking forward too?

What activities do you enjoy? Are you making space for them?

Who do you look forward to seeing? Are you making plans to see them?

What is the balance of your week life? Is there time for you as well as work? Is there time for your health? Exercise? Downtime? Are you thinking about what you’re eating for example? Or are you eating what happens to be there.

If we all pressed pause and reevaluated occasionally, we might be surprised at what we come up with. What we feel we need more of in our life and what we simply aren’t getting enough of it in our life.

It’s so important to take stock and to then start to make some small changes.

Feeling lost in our own world is usually a result of the balance being out. It usually comes about because we are overwhelmed. Exhausted. We might be working too hard. Not sleeping properly. Burning the candle at both ends. However, that looks, however that seems – slow down and evaluate it. Is it working for you? Is it ok with you? Or would you like a different week?

If you could choose your ideal week, how would it look? How would it be? What would you ideally make time for? And what do you need more of? In addition to that, what do you need less of?

Take ten minutes right now to do this. Write it all down. Your ideal week. Map it out. Make a timetable. Take the time to create the life that you want. At the end of the day, you are in the one in charge. The author of your own book. You hold the pen. No one else. So, make sure you are doing the things that truly make you feel good. That make you sparkle. And that really make you feel alive.

At the end of the day, we are given one life. Make the most of it. You don’t want to simply exist. You deserve too truly live.